SVE | Cognac | França | 12 meses | Junho 2016

SVE | Cognac | França | 12 meses | Junho 2016

  • O quê? Serviço Voluntário Europeu
  • Onde? Cognac, França
  • Quando? 1ª fase: 1 Junho 2016 (2 voluntários), 2ª fase: 1 Setembro 2016 (2 voluntários)
  • Tema/Título do projeto? COMMUNIC@TE
  • Candidaturas? Até 9 de Janeiro 2016

O projecto
O projeto COMMUNIC@TE será de 12 meses em Cognac, França na ADIF-TV. Esta plataforma pretende divulgar e distribuir vários conteúdos onde iniciativas europeias e internacionais com jovens tomam o primeiro plano. Muitas iniciativas acontecem todos os dias mas passam despercebidas. Esta será a tarefa dos 4 voluntários escolhidos para o SVE: partilhar estas iniciativas e dar-lhes valor através de vídeos, imagem, newsletters e gestão do site.

Home Project  – 4 volunteers in FRANCE
The COMMUNIC@TE project comes to complete the legibility of the projects, the information and evaluation, also with the edition of videos, to give a visual character of their activities. A partnership with all the associations evolving in the European and international fields is developed for the distribution of their project.

The goals of the COMMUNIC@TE project are the following:

  • Make the initiatives visible and accessible (National, European and International) for young people and associations.
  • Accompany and form the partner associations and the young people in their project of communication using multimedia tools as support.
  • Share the experiences and good practice thanks to the multimedia supports.
  • Value the associative work and the contribution of the investors within the populations.
  • Promote vocations in the young people.
  • Create dynamics around Europe, around international cooperation and around active citizenship.

Many associations work on European projects and international solidarity. Interesting actions happen every day without reaching the young people and the local population. The evaluation of the projects is the weak link of our actions giving the impression that nothing happens in our city, region or around us. We are accustomed to deliver reports to our investors at the end of the projects, but while the information might be shared and valued by the population it doesn’t reach a global audience.
These conclusions have been a fruit of several reflections done by the members of our associations and shared by the partners (our companions). It is the base of ADIF-TV’s birth. With this already existing project, we can share information, images, videos, and moments with the actors of our projects and with the population in general. The volunteers are going to continue the work done by their predecessors. This eliminates the potencial fear of the mobility (European and international) and will allow them, the young persons, to be out of their comfort area, far from their neighborhood or city.

With the project COMMUNIC@TE, we want to receive 4 volunteers to support this initiative and to promote the European and international diversity.
The voluntary work will be for 12 months and will be in Cognac.
This 4 selected volunteers are also going to put forward the activities plan of ADIF-TV and to manage communication and information cativities, managing the web site, participating in the writing of our Newsletter, participating in the welcome of people in the “House of the Citizen” and  manage animation in schools.

The volunteers will have the following tasks:

  • Animation and video editing for the web-page of ADIF-TV ( )
  • Create multimedia supports about the Youth work.
  • Accompany the communication of the young entrepreneurs.
  • Management of the newletters and the web sites of ADIF.
  • To value ADIF’s projects and its partners.
  • Animations and information in schools in Cognac city.

Dates and deadlines

  • Start of the missions: 2 volunteers in 01st of June 2016, 2 volunteers in 01st of September 2016
  • Duration of the mission: 12 Months
  • Place of the mission: Cognac with trips abroad (Europe and Africa)
  • Deadline to make application: 09 th January 2016

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